Couples in Retirement Study

Ayeesha Abbasi, a PhD candidate at the Australian National University. is seeking the participation of both you and your partner in the 'Couples in Retirement Study'.  

This survey-based study will examine the experiences of couples in retirement and analysis of the results will constitute part of his dissertation. The survey asks questions about retirement goals and experiences, health, social support, and psychological resources (e.g.motivation). If you would be willing to participate in this study, please read on.

His research examines the interaction between couples. As such, He request that the survey is completed by both you and your partner. Surveys should be completed separately, but it is recommended that you and your partner complete the survey at similar times. Your responses will then be linked using an anonymous code generated by you.

To participate in this study, please complete the survey by following this link which also provides details of the study and contact details of the author.